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We're Open During COVID-19!

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has come out to support our small business during these trying times and we thank you graciously.

We cannot stress enough that your health & safety is of the utmost importance to us. In addition to delivering delicious, healthy, 100% plant-based meals, we will also be taking measures to protect your well-being as we continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our restaurant will continue to implement these best practices and follow guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control and other local health organizations. 

For your peace of mind

We’ll be taking the following steps to open responsibly and with the proper level of concern for everyone’s health and safety:

1) Staff members will wear masks at all times. We highly encourage our loyal customers to wear masks as well, though it’s not mandatory for entry into the store.

2) Countertops at the register area will be disinfected prior to opening for the day and after each customer checks out.

4) Our credit card payment processing system has been modified and no longer requires the handling of your cards by our staff.

5) Acrylic shields at each register have been installed to ensure separation between our customers and staff.

6) We will limit the capacity in our store to 50% of our legal maximum capacity. Based on the large size of our store this should enable our anticipated customer volume to shop comfortably without having to deny entrance to anyone.

7) Our staff will follow all social distancing guidelines and we’d appreciate the same level of attention to this important safety matter by our customers.

And as always, we thank you for being our loyal customer. It’s our privilege to serve you, and we will continue to communicate developments for your peace of mind. We hope that by adopting the above measures we can all help to make your dining experience enjoyable and most importantly safe!

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